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Disc UFO Sighting from Claysville, Pennsylvania 1963

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  the northern horizon slightly above us about 500 yards away. US Route 40 runs east-west along the top of the ridge just there, rising out of the valley after passing Sunset Park with its swimming pool and drive-in movie screen beside the highway before dipping down into Claysville, PA. We had traveled down a one-lane sunken dirt road to this patch of locust trees that protruded out into a gently sloping alfalfa field like a tunnel.

It was a perfect parking place as the assumed
    owners house was visible, so if he detected our intrusion we could see his car coming and escape. We thought it was a perfect parking spot because if surprised
we hoped to have a 50-50 chance he would go the wrong way after exiting the woods into the field. There was another bare plowed field on our left to the south, slightly uphill and across the sunken dirt lane on our left, with a single dead oak tree right in the middle of it silhouetted on the horizon about 150 - 200 yards away. We were slightly below the crest of a ridge which was lower than the one on our right with Rt 40 running across its spine.

Unfortunately, things turned
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