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Disc UFO Sighting from Claysville, Pennsylvania 1963

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  out badly, and we were arguing with me yelling and her crying. I was breaking off our engagement because a friend and neighbor had warned me she had been meeting other guys at the local Eat & Park drive-in while I was working in Ohio. Since I was enlisting soon I reasoned if she was unfaithful now it would only be worse during the long separations military service would impose. There being nothing more to be said, I had turned away and with my arm holding up the roof was looking
    out the open driver's side window at the dead oak tree and regretting my harsh words.

I was hurt, very sad, and felt betrayed, but the crickets, night sounds,
and bright stars were very calming. Eventually my anger and hurt turned into loss and remorse. Just as I was about to turn around and apologize an object came over the horizon heading our way. I saw it in silhouette as it appeared to clear the dead tree by about 20 feet or so. It was dome shaped top and bottom, the upper dome being larger than the bottom rather like a flattened top. In shape it resembled the kind we had as a kid, where you spun it up by pushing down on a spiral rod protruding  
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