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Disc UFO Sighting from Claysville, Pennsylvania 1963

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  from the top. All the edges were rounded with the sides flattened and sloping inwards toward the bottom.

It was glowing the color of a dim fluorescent bulb but not transparent as the stars disappeared in front and reappeared cleanly behind as it passed. It had hard and well defined edges. Although it was glowing, it wasn't bright enough to cast a shadow. It came across our front about 100-150 feet high and about the same distance away doing about 30 miles per hour or so. It
    was obviously circular shaped from bottom view. I remembered to start to count seconds as it crossed our front, so it was in full view for about 30 seconds or
so. I had to lean forward to see it up through the windshield as it crossed over. I hollered to my girlfriend to look up and tore into the glove compartment to see if I had a flashlight, which I did not.

I wanted to shine a light on it to see if it was reflective and also confirm its distance from us, so I could get an accurate estimate of its size. It seemed to be traveling in level flight and in a straight line from first sight until it disappeared over the brow of the
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