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Disc UFO Sighting from Claysville, Pennsylvania 1963

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  and there were no panel lines or markings. There were no windows with waving aliens, no gear doors or mud streaks; just a machine doing what I have never seen a machine doing before or since (except in movies, of course. ) The most startling thing to me was the total and absolute lack of any wind sound.

Realistically speaking, you simply cannot move an object the size of a small house through the air without creating wind noise. Even my streamlined sailplane models make an audible
    sound as they pass by. A smarter person would have had the presence of mind to check a watch, mark the date on the calendar, or perhaps try the radio or start the
car before it was out of sight, but I failed to do any of those things. Years later (when I was still able to pin-point the actual date and time) I was able to relate this event to some individuals in our organization who were involved with unexplained phenomena of this sort. These people were tasked with the chore of debriefing personnel, who experienced and had reported ''co-incidental sightings,'' (those observed on the radar scope and also by actual visual observation. )  
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