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Disc UFO Sighting from Claysville, Pennsylvania 1963

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  N and V would then travel to their location and demonstrate on the blackboard, using mathematics and physics, what they thought they saw was nothing out of the ordinary but simply easily explainable phenomena like Venus, swamp gas, flocks of birds or even swarms of insects. Failing that they would explain the ramifications of someone seeing ''impossible'' things and therefore appearing ''unreliable'' while working in a sensitive position with a security clearance.

In my case,
    after checking the usual conditions (weather, search lights from car dealership grand openings, locations of airports, towns, county fairs, carnivals, etc. ) they
determined that it would have been classified as an ''unknown'' if I cared to report it. Reporting such things at that time was considered a career ender with anyone with a security clearance, so we kept it in-house. (Unfortunately for me, this was to become only one of a few multi-witness events or objects I was destined to see, but then I'm a slow learner).

    - Posted by Dennis Karoleski


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