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Round Object UFO Sighting from Yauco, Puerto Rico June 03 2018

On June 3rd, 2018 in Puerto Rico it was about 5 pm when my family and I were heading from Guanica to Villarva on the expressway. We had just passed the sign that said Yauco. I was looking at the mountains because I was always taking pictures of clouds, mountains, and anything interesting. I looked and saw a UFO on the mountain top completely stopped. Next to the UFO were three circle shaped orbs very shiny and just floating on air. There was no pole or anything that I could say
    ''well, they are hanging by a clear line,'' but, no they were on air.

By the time I said ''did anyone in the car see that?'' We passed the area, and no one
saw it because they were just looking forward. I have searched to see if there is a planetarium or something that could explain why the UFO was there, but I have found nothing. I have asked my relatives if they know of anything in that area, and they said no.

Please if anyone has seen this on the above date, please send a comment. The UFO was round and had two levels. Bottom was larger than the top. This is my second sighting. My first was in CT, and I was thirteen. My parents were my witnesses.

    - Posted by Rosemarie


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