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Bright Object UFO Sighting from La Vernia, Texas June 2018

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My sightings started a few days into 06/2018 at 5 am. It was at the end of my driveway when I saw what looked like a white pulsating object cruising at an altitude that seemed slightly lower than where I would expect to see planes flying. It flew past quietly from my 12 o'clock to my 6 o'clock. A few minutes later I saw another appearing from a different direction. In total I saw four of whatever this was and never heard a thing. Later I woke my mother up, and she joined me outside. After
    ten minutes a craft of unknown shape with several flashing curved semicircle-like yellow lights flew in the same direction as the first pulsing light I saw. This
craft made an odd wobbling sound as it flew directly above us.

I again last night saw another craft. This one was somewhat triangular resembling a slight crescent moon shape with the two sharp areas rounded off. It had three constant red lights and in-between each were flashing orange/yellow lights. It made no sound that I heard. Just when I thought it would reach the horizon, it appeared to angle itself up as if leaving our atmosphere. I'll try to get some pictures and videos
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