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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Grand Rapids, Michigan 2006

I was driving north bound on US131 somewhere between Grand Rapids and Big Rapids one evening after dark maybe 9 pm or so. I observed a triangle shaped craft as large as a football field traveling northbound west of the highway at a slow speed maybe 200 to 300 feet above the tree tops.
The craft was dark in color, silent, and this was a rural part of the highway. I only noticed it because of the light put off from the gas station parking lot lights periodically illuminating
    the under side of it.
I even got off on an off ramp and rolled down my window and watched it for a couple minutes until it was out of view.

- Posted by Anonymous

Comments and Replies:

What was the date of this? I've seen something like this myself.
    - comment by Anonymous 0200

I saw something exactly like this description in Westland MI last night at 1 30 in the morning Wayne towers.
    - comment by Anonymous 1117


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