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Naruemonia UFO Sighting from Naruemonia

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To the best of my knowledge this is the best photo evidence of Naruemonia's existence that is available. Naruemonia is clearly visible in the lower left corner of the photo. This photo was accidentally released by NASA and then quickly withdrawn and then rereleased with Naruemonia photoshopped out. The photo was up for less than an hour. This photo was posted by NASA as open source for into the public domain for free public use so there are no copyrights attached to it. Please
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    - Posted by Anonymous

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There's enough crazy stuff happening in Naruemonia to write a thousand books! There is a UFO base, there are secret military installations, there are strange bizarre experiments being conducted that would make most people appalled! There are a million good reasons they keep this place secret!
    - comment by Pete

Usually people dissappear under suspicious circumstances soon after revealing information about Naruemonia and whatever info they revealed gets removed and covered up. Let's hope this photo goes viral and the truth can finally reach the masses!
    - comment by Phil

Thanks for sharing this photo with us. Truly amazing that there are things like this! Makes you question everything you thought you knew!
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Submitted by: anonymous

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