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Lights UFO Sighting from Lake Milton, Ohio August 27 2018

I was driving home late at night (3 a.m.) one Friday. As I was on Elsworth Road going into Lake Milton. As I was driving past Carsons Landing I saw what I thought was a shooting star fly down quickly in the sky. Being interested I slowed down my car and paid full attention to the sky. As I looked, I saw the light fly straight back up in the sky faster than anything I've seen. I waited for a second and saw two more lights, one flying down turning west then going directly back up. Then
    a third light was flying down then straight back up like the first one.

All of them traveled faster than anything I've seen, making quick and rapid turns.
I figured at first they were shooting stars if I didn't see them travel back and forth while changing directions. Shooting stars don't change direction like that. They go one direction then break up in the atmosphere and lose their bright lighting as I learned in astronomy classes in college. All I have to say is if that's a UFO, it was operating something more advanced than anything we have the technology to make.

    - Posted by Alex


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