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Round Object UFO Sighting from Amboy, California 2009

We were driving from 29 Palms through Amboy heading to the Colorado River at approximately 2 p.m. It was bright daylight while approaching Amboy from the south. Then I noticed what I initially thought was a tethered hot air or weather balloon. However, as I got closer, I realized this was not the case. I could clearly see what appeared to be a very large best described as a ball bearing hovering just north west of the town of Amboy.

After observing with great interest for
    approximately three to four minutes, the object accelerated from what appeared to be zero to 600 mph in approximately one second. As I have never believed in UFO's,
I was thoroughly shocked. I stopped at the rest area in Amboy. I opened my door and greeted another fellow who was hyperventilating and had just seen the same thing, but he was approaching from the west on Route 66.

    - Posted by Dave Nemec


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