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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

On clear nights you can see it's in the east I don't understand why no one has said anything. I know it's not a plane believe me I even see planes passing overhead.

    - Posted by Anonymous 9157

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I am a truck driver. I drove on I-81 last night and saw a bizzare looking craft flying over the interstate in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. When I saw it fly over interstate I saw it for only a couple seconds because I was driving and had to focus on the road.
    When I looked at it for a couple seconds it appeared to be triangle shaped with bright lights on all three sides beaming down on interstate. Was spacecraft you've seen triangular shaped with lights on bottom?
    - comment by Hass

Maybe people don't want to admit it. We've seen two. One was two at once they were very close we woke up to them and this ''electrical'' sound woke us up. We saw one again tonight. It was there then vanished. June 2 2020.
    - comment by Joy

Might I add the ones we've seen are like a dark brass/brownish color.
    - comment by Joy

I would like to see a UFO study group in this area (scranton - Wilkes Barre) as there is much that has seemed in these surrounding areas. Can someone get a group together? I'd be glad to help.
    - comment by Natasha


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