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Ball Of Light UFO Sighting from Eastern, Kentucky October 2016

I was on top of Pine Mountain near Whitesburg in Letcher county in October of 2016 and saw a ball of light. I was sober so don't assume that. I was sitting in a car with the window down and noticed a light to my left. It was about 20-30 feet away, and it was silent. I watched it float through some trees where it cast a yellowish white light around it, so I could see it wasn't a person or a drone, etc. No lightning bugs either. Too cold. Plus it stayed lit for several minutes
    as it moved from my left to my right very slowly moving around some trees. It was about marble sized. It finally freaked me out enough that I left. Haven't been
back since.

    - Posted by Chris

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I saw the same thing around that time but it was so bright! It lit the ground up I posted pictures on facebook and a video.
    - comment by Anonymous 7228


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