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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Bellingham, Minnesota

It was around 10:00 and me and my mom where hauling in our groceries. We had gotten lots of things at the store it was a starry night. Keep in mind that my mom hates aliens because when she was younger one chased the car when she was with her family, and after the UFO stayed above the house for 30 minutes; and sadly this is the worst part. At the time her dad told her that if this one tree got knocked over/fell over that he would die.
About a week later the tree fell over
    and he died. Weirdest part his car was locked and no one went in it and after he died my grandma (his wife ) found a alien air fresher on the mirror thing. Anyways
back to the story my mom saw a UFO when we where hauling in the groceries.

    - Posted by Sally


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