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The concept of ghost extraterestrials are two different catagorys but are in the same sence related. Extraterestrials in some cases are millions if not billions of years evoulved from the human intellect they understand how absolutely everything everyone is connected as related to each other as they- how the quantum world is the branch were the spiritual world becomes the living.

    - Posted by Justin Micheal Wonsewitz

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Craft - Potrero, California
My mom told me a story of when I was a baby we were living in Potrero in a trailer. Around 1-3 am in the morning a small...

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It was around 10:00 and me and my mom where hauling in our groceries. We had gotten lots of things at the store it was a...

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It was early 60s and I was early for the highschool dance to start. I was standing along the building when I saw it. It ...

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My friend and I were out laying in her backyard stargazing. It was around 10:40 pm and we saw a foggy football-shaped fi...

Lights - Manawa, Wisconsin
Ufo in the sky in Manawa by st Pauls....

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