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Orb UFO Sighting from Georgetown, South Carolina April 17 2019

Over Pawleys Island seen over the ocean from the south causeway. Saw 4 bright red orbs all horizontally in a a row then a 5th appeared. Saw it between trees so hussled over to a clearing to get an unobstucted view for a picture but they were gone.
Have seen somethingn similar over Litchfield beach 2 years ago in the fall during the super moon.

    - Posted by Darrell. J. Golden@gmail. Com

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I and one of my friends were followed by a red orb once and it did not seem connected to a craft. It was very small and even hovered above his house. It came back occasionally for a few days in the distance.
Anyhow I have worked with extraterrestrial beings in the government. I see saucers daily still though do to wars they will rarely meet with anyone.
    - comment by Zachary James Carr

I saw.
    - comment by Mclaughlin


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