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Lights UFO Sighting from Peshtigo, Wisconsin June 01 2019

My woman and I were on a desolate dead end road just chilling in the back of the truck looking at the sky. We both saw the same thing. Three larger and brighter lights which were spaced out miles apart from the others, but they stayed in a constant triangle formation. The bigger brighter faster ones each had a few smaller ones around them, and they appeared to shoot out a light beam at the little ones like tag. They would go from standing still to sky rocketing across the sky in
    the most crazy and erratic of ways.

Although they seemed to battle, we both agree that that they seemed to be playing or training. I tried to record it on
my phone, but they were like a mile or so up, so I wasn't able to see this on my screen. I have always been a UFO skeptic, but I am a true believer now. We saw the same weird stuff at the same time, and this went on for over an hour. This is the absolute truth, and I swear on our son's name.

    - Posted by Michael Brohmer And Laura Borden


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