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Large Object UFO Sighting from Edwards, Mississippi 1976

In 1976 I had a very unusual experience. I along with my 2 year old daughter had gone to visit my parents in the early afternoon. They lived in Vicksburg and we lived in Edwards at that time. I left their home at around 9:30 pm headed back to Edwards along the interstate.
There were many open fields along I-20 back then as you approached the Big Black River bridge. Shortly after I passed the area where Ceres plantation was I noticed three perfectly circular lights to my right.
    first I thought it was three separate lights but it started coming towards me I realized I was actually looking at the side of a large object. It looked as big
as a small house once it came closer and hovered above my car.

There were lights that lit up in sequence giving the appearance that they were rotating around it had a very subtle noise similar to a sewing machine my headlight flickered and my radio began changing stations.
And just as I was thinking it would crash into the trees on my left it turned on it's side and was gone in an instant.

    - Posted by Mary Hubbard


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