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Beam Of Light UFO Sighting from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania October 1977

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I was archery hunting off Line Avenue exit just about 1 mile outside Ellwood City at the fork in the road. I think it's the old Chewton Road and Line Avenue exit. I was about 400 or 500 yards off road hunting a strip off woods along the field. Then just at dusk while still sitting in my tree stand, I heard this very strange humming sound somewhere above me. The sky was clear, but I could not see what was making the sound, and it seemed close.

It spooked me enough to
    make me want to leave the stand. I climbed down and ran with my bow down into the field about 100 yards to a small ditch. I ran through the field, got down, and
looked back towards my stand. The light was fading fast, and all of a sudden the humming noise was back. This is where it got weird. A beam of light that seemed to start about 40 yards over the tree tops beamed down into the woods at my tree stand and moved back and forth like a search light. It was as if it was looking for something.

The light looked exactly like a giant flashlight that had its lens covered with red cellophane. That light red beam of light seemed to originate
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