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Vessel UFO Sighting from Brownfield, Maine May 2015

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I am not sure of the exact date now, but as a prelude, this is true story although it will no doubt sound odd, which I guess every UFO sighting sounds. This one the military is definitely aware of. That is why I saw the object. It was around the middle of the day, and I was working to break my camper out of the ice and snow of the winter, which was still hanging around. (It was snowy that winter).

It was a beautiful serene day. I heard a jet screaming above me, so I
    took a moment to rest and looked between these giant evergreens circling my driveway in hopes to see the jet flying over. Right above me (directly above me but
some way up) I saw this shiny object sitting motionless reflecting sunlight off of it. It was probably a quarter to a half mile up. I thought ''hmm what is that thing? It didn't seem to be much bigger than the jet. It was not a giant flying saucer but maybe a medium to small one.

Then I watched this shiny circular UFO object shoot puffs of vapor or smoke out and ascend incredibly erratically. It was as if it knew it was now detected and fleeing the scene. It spiraled upwards
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