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Fireball UFO Sighting from Mission, Texas

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One clear night after 2 am while patrolling Inspiration Rd N. of military Rd approx. 2 miles north of the Mexican border in Mission TX I looked towards the west. My attention was drawn to a glowing fireball.
It was coming from a large tree that was in the middle of a crop field. The crop field was low cut. It was coming from the lower part of the tree. I looked beyond the tree and I looked to the east, but couldn't find any explanation.
It was highly suspicious. At first
    it seemed like the tree was on fire. But the fireball was steady. It was like a barbeque pit getting started with a high flame, but upside down. I moved my patrol
car up-n-down the road; used my binoculars and saw the same.

For over 5 minutes I couldn't figure it out. The fireball was steady. I decided to call it out to dispatch. I relayed a suspicious light appearing to be coming from a tree. I gave the location, but I didn't say it was a like a fireball because I knew I'd get ridiculed.
I found a dirt road that led near the tree. The tree was about 100 yards west of Inspiration. There was wooded brush behind the tree at a far
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