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Vessel UFO Sighting from New Tripoli, Pennsylvania September 17 2019

I'm a skeptic, but this situation is just weird. I was playing some games late around 3 a.m. when I noticed outside the window in front of my desk there was what looked like a drone. I live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cornfields and old people, so the sight of a drone at 3 a.m. was extremely bizarre to me. It was moving in all sorts of ways like a drone would. It was changing direction quickly. It captured my interest enough to stop what I was doing and run outside
    to get a better look.

It was very high up in the air almost like plane altitude. This was way past what I think would be possible for a drone, but I may
be wrong. It blinked different colors. Red was one of the colors, and green I believe was the second. I watched it bouncing back and forth against the black night sky in amazement until I got bored and ran back inside.

I saw this multiple nights in a row all around the same time in the middle of nowhere. If it wasn't a drone, then it was either a military test on some new technology or something a bit more peculiar. I may never find out, but something tells me I'm going to see it again.

    - Posted by Anonymous 3198


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