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Fireball UFO Sighting from Pine Bluff, Arkansas 1984

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In the summer of 1984 my brother, sister, and I were sitting in our car looking over a small pond in our neighborhood. It was around 5 o'clock in the evening. We noticed a bright light in the sky moving back and forth across the sky. We would watch this light the same time every night for about two weeks. The light would move vertically across the horizon faster than anything we have ever seen. We watched the light for about thirty minutes to an hour each night.

After about
    two weeks my sister and I went to the same spot to watch the light. Once again it would show up and moved back and forth across the night sky. However, this time
the light suddenly came toward us. It came so fast and close that we became so scared. My sister started the car, and we sped toward home.

We lived only about a mile from the pond. As we were driving in our car, the light hovered about 35 feet over our car. There was no sound. It looked like a huge ball of fire. The size was about four times the size of a beach ball. It followed us the whole time. We were so terrified. Not knowing what it was, we sped past our house. It
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