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Lights UFO Sighting from Spartanburg, South Carolina December 05 2019

Ended up seeing 7 orange lights in the sky, was able to capture them on video, one of them ended up turning towards me and shined the orange light towards me, every hair on my body stood up including the hair on my head. I was close to the intersection of Church Street and Asheville Highway in a Parking lot when this occurred.
Lights were about the height of a low flying helicopter. When they got past me they just disappeared, later my roommate who works second shift and
    a lot of his coworkers saw the Same thing over UPS in Spartanburg. He described the same thing that I saw. All I saw was the light, no craft body or anything like
that, these were silent, no engine noise etc. Very Strange.

    - Posted by Kevin D Goodlett


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