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Silver Spring, Maryland UFO Sightings

Silver Spring, Maryland, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I was living in Silver Spring, close to the Walter Reed Military base off Lyttonsville Road...and Looked up and saw a series of large Silver balls flo...

Silver Spring, Maryland, Metallic Object UFO Sighting - Years ago I saw two hovering spacecraft made of blue and silver grey metal that just hung silently in the sky. Very scary. My husband said they were s...

Silver Spring, Maryland, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I used to live in a high rise apartment building back in 1999 in Silver Spring. My apartment was on the 9th floor. One night as I was airing the apart...

Silver Spring, Maryland, Lights UFO Sighting - I live on the 8th floor of a high-rise, and I have a really good view of the surroundings from my balcony. Last night I was out on the balcony just lo...


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