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Georgetown, South Carolina UFO Sightings

Georgetown, South Carolina, Orb UFO Sighting - Over Pawleys Island seen over the ocean from the south causeway. Saw 4 bright red orbs all horizontally in a a row then a 5th appeared. Saw it between...
04/20-2019 - 2 comments

Georgetown, South Carolina, Landing UFO Sighting - I was a few miles north of Georgetown, South Carolina on Browns Ferry Road back in 2005 when suddenly I saw a light descending down to the road ahead ...

22 miles away: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Dark Object UFO Sighting - I just saw the most amazing thing less than an hour ago, at 1:30 am to be exact. I couldn't find my dog so I went out in the yard to see if he was the...
11/11-2015 - 1 comment


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