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Woodbridge, Virginia UFO Sightings

Woodbridge, Virginia, Lights UFO Sighting - I saw a light in the sky and it just looked weird, I knew it wasn't the moon or a star, so I took a picture. It was just hovering in the sky, when I b...

Woodbridge, Virginia, Unspecified UFO Sighting - Saw a bright large light in the Northwestern sky. Object was still and about 10 minutes later, the lights dimmed. ...

Woodbridge, Virginia, Lights UFO Sighting - Went outside to take a pee and saw trees and green lights in the sky. Yelled for my gf to come see so she came out and got scared. The 3 together ligh...
11/27-2016 - 1 comment

Woodbridge, Virginia, Round Object UFO Sighting - I was driving to my daughter's house which is a bit out of town when I saw a bright light in the sky. It was coming down lower and lower until it was ...


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