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Aliens UFO Sighting from Wilmington, Ohio

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Naruemonia mutineers headed for Haumea
Space police say the hijacked spaceship Naruemonia is most likely headed for Haumea. A recent course...
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Mutiny on the Naruemonia
Just two days into its maiden voyage a mutiny has taken place on the Naruemonia. It appears the pass...
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UFO Story
Anonymousz truth

I'm not a professional writer so be kind to my imperfections in my writing skills.
It all started when I was around six years old living on a small rural farm, I had quite a few abductions. I only remember bits and pieces of fragmented events that are not in chronological order.
To begin, I remember always being frightened to death when they would come and get me. Always at night when everybody was a sleep and they would pull me out of bed
    from my feet most of the time. Many years after I wouldn't sleep without tucking the covers under my feet. Now I don't tuck anymore.

Event 1: I remember
one night I sensed that they were coming and I sought protection by sleeping in between my mother and father at night in there first floor bedroom. As I knew they would only come and get me when I fell asleep, that night and other nights I tried to stay awake in my parents bed, but slumber took over and I fell asleep. I don't know how long I had been asleep that night, but I heard some clanking in the kitchen like somebody was rummaging through our pots and pans for a brief moment and  
Largest spaceship ever built takes off to mine dwarf planets.
The Naruemonia, the largest spaceship ever constructed left the Earth's Moon's orbit today where it ...
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Martian fire kills at least 500
A fire in the small Martian crater city of Koszeg killed most of its inhabitants today. The exact de...
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