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Cigar Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Boaz, Alabama 1999

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First of all I am only sharing this because I feel like I could say something now and not be laughed at totally. When I was 19 I went to see a friend late one night. We were outside in my car talking, and suddenly my stereo started working which had always given out static before. My friend and I looked at each other as if we had seen a ghost. Then something caught my eye. In a football field away there was a cigar shaped ship with windows completely engulfed in flames. It was
    blue and green. It was definitely crashing. We both started screaming.

It was moving awkwardly slow as if it were a blimp, but with windows. My friend begged
me to stay inside, but once it kissed the top of the tree line behind her neighbor's house, I got out. As I looked over the top of my car to keep up, it was gone. It just vanished. There was no crash and no explosion. I only took my eyes off it for maybe a second to peer over the top of my car. Immediately I wanted to call the police, but my friend said we shouldn't and people would call us crazy.

Shortly before this on my way home going down Double Bridges Road in Boaz, I
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