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Lights UFO Sighting from Cibolo, Texas April 27 2020

I saw a UFO in Cibolo TX. This was 3 nights ago. My mom and I were sitting on the back porch around 8:30 and we were looking at the sky and noticed something fly over us. We only saw it between 2 and 3 seconds it was going so fast.
But it was really low and clear what it was. After we saw it I asked my mom if she saw it and she said ''yes I thought I had something in my eye I wasn't sure what it was'' then we start talking about it.
It was in a V shape like a flock of
    birds my mom said I think it looked like a cluster of stars (in a V shape). There were lights on the bottom that made it appear that way! It went over us and completely
vanished within 3 seconds.

    - Posted by Amber


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