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Object UFO Sighting from Garden Grove, California July 28 2020

My bf and I have seen 2 weird things this week in GG. We ride our bikes every day and one of the times my bf said he saw a saucer shaped object in the sky and a few seconds after (2-5sec. ) he looks back up and it is nowhere in sight. Keep in mind, this dude refuses to believe in UFOs and is the last person to see and point something out as being a UFO.
I got a picture of one on July 28th, shiny object with a bright tail following behind it. Anyway, the trippiest one is the
    one my bf saw since he doesn’t make things like this up. Glad to see someone else in GG is seeing what we saw.

    - Posted by Jannelee


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Submitted by: Jannelee

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