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Object UFO Sighting from High Ridge, Missouri July 1966

Came out of Jacks grocery store and saw about 15 to twenty people making gestures toward the opposite side of the road. There in the sky at about a 25 degree angle from the horizon, was a very large shape, that reminded me of the Planetarium without the very top of it. It had the lights, and was quiet. It just hovered there. No clouds, broad daylight.

My mom herded my sister and I into the car and we headed for home. On one part of a straight stretch red balls of fire
    came out of the ditches on both sides of the road. (there was nothing there like a roman candle or anything. And it would have taken about 15 people to set all
of them off if it was a prank. The color of it was the color of the Planetarium in St. Louis Mo I actually was thinking this as I looked at it. Still amazed, and they did not have odd shaped balloons at that time.

    - Posted by Kelly


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