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Diamond Shape UFO Sighting from Carnegie, Pennsylvania 1959

I was 8 or 9 years old when myself, my sister, and two friends played under a silver diamond shaped UFO. This was maybe 1959, 1960. The unique thing was it hover by the church for a couple of hours! A friend told me years later that it was in the Signal Item. That's Carnegie's local paper. I checked their archives but found nothing about it. Any one with any info about it please contact me at: c.c.ryder01 @gmail .com
Thank You

    - Posted by M. J.

Comments and Replies:

This is in response to the post from M. J. P. In Carnegie PA... Hi M. J. P. I was born and raised in Carnegie and also witnessed a UFO there in the late 60s. I would be very interested in reading your story if you could post it here.
What I really would love to know is where you saw it. I saw mine floating above the Carnegie hotel and the hardware store that was located next to it right there on west Main Street close to the railroad tracks.
I was about 10 or 11 at the time. I posted my sighting on this website about a year ago.
    - comment by Dlj From Carnegie


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