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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Wikapaug, Rhode Island July 1994

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While fishing at Wikapaug in Rhode Island in the Jeti fishing area I was alone. It was after midnight, and I had my Coleman gas lantern lit, and a brand new Okuma fishing real attached to a good surf casting rod. I was content tossing lures when the fishing real, spool, bail, and springs all of a sudden burst and broke. I did not know what was wrong, so I went with my equipment to a log near the beach and sat with it when in not more than a moment a dark figure triangular shaped
    appeared overhead. It made a sound like a prehistoric noise but was subtle and dark. Then a light beam came out of it like a cone cylindrical shaped beam of light
to the tarred area near the beach parking lot. I was shocked. I put out my lantern and specifically ran the opposite direction of the beam of light to my truck. I threw my stuff in the truck and drove 50 miles scared to my home in Putnam. I didn't get any fish that night, but I felt as if I were being pulled through the truck cab all the way home. It was a frightening time, but I remember it well still.

    - Posted by Craig

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