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Long Object UFO Sighting from Cincinnati, Ohio 1974

We were sitting by the boat house in Winston Woods near Greenhills Ohio. The sky was clear and filled with stars. Around 9:00 pm we left and were driving along the lake when we saw an object come flying in from the eastern sky. As we drove the ufo began to move horizontal with us along the lake front. The object was sorta orange, long, and NO noise at all. As we sped up it stayed next to us.
As we approached a stop sign at Springdale Road we watched it stop above Winston Woods
    golf course and then began to lower down below the tree tops. We went to a friends house that believed in ufos and she came out to search the sky. The object was
gone or on the golf course somewhere. I still see the image as clear as day even now, and I am a Believer (Christian).

    - Posted by Mike


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