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Sounds UFO Sighting from Holland, Texas 1977

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This submission is about a sound I heard near Holland, Texas, whose source I have not been able to determine.

In 1977 I was traveling back from Temple, Texas down state highway 95 to my apartment in Bartlett at about 10:30 pm. Often, my Saturday routine was to drive up to Temple, dine in a restaurant, and then attend a movie. Assuming an 8:00 pm movie, I would then be leaving the theater around 10:00 pm, and drive 25 miles straight home. That trip back in 55 mph days
    took as much as 40 minutes, as the first part was within the city limits of Temple.

About a mile before the town of Holland, the road went straight downhill
to a bridge over a creek, and then up the other side before curving into town about a half mile past the creek. Farmland existed on both sides of the road, with a cemetery on the right at one point, and on the right (west) was a stand of trees between the M-K-T (now UP) rail line and the highway. The distance between the highway and track varied from about 225 feet at the north to 1,000 feet at the south. I've checked all this out on Google Maps aerial view.

As I was driving
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