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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Huntington, Indiana February 2021

Saw a triangular shape hovering. It had a white light at each corner and one red in the middle. When we were getting closer to it it then began moving towards us and lowering. It ended up flying over my car relatively slow maybe 30 mph.
It seemed to be the size a a medium sized plane. A Sherrif Deputy be was driving in it's direction with lights on. Not sure if it was because the officer saw it and was trying to get closer to it. However bit was flying over an area that didn't
    have a road to follow it on.
It also seemed to be shiny it was 4 am and obviously dark. It was a dark color but not sure if black or gray. Was probably within
4 or 5 hundred of it when it flew over the car it was absolutely silent.

    - Posted by Edward Hippensteel Jr

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They are friendly they are not hostile. Meditate and I'll come to you. Suppose that they've even killed people. Government just want you to believe that they are hostile, but they're not the government. Government has everything to protect like their money and everything else. They don't care that we could all be equal.
    - comment by Anonymous 5340


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