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Figure UFO Sighting from McMinnville, Oregon July 2008

Naruemonia mutineers headed for Haumea
Space police say the hijacked spaceship Naruemonia is most likely headed for Haumea. A recent course...
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Mutiny on the Naruemonia
Just two days into its maiden voyage a mutiny has taken place on the Naruemonia. It appears the pass...
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Well, here goes. I was on my parents' driveway. This must have been like 2008 one summer if my head is right something like that. In my bro's car I had music on. I was on the driver's seat. My bro had a Lexus 400c, and it was fast as heck. Well, anyway one night in my I'm chillin, ya know. I live in McMinnville. If you know your UFO history, then you'd know that this place has the very first UFO picture published in history. Look it up. It was in the 1950s where it was impossible
    to photoshop then.

Well, this isn't a UFO, but what I saw when I had my seat reclined star gazing out the sun roof to this day I can't even describe. To
my best explanation is it was what looked like a Dragon Ball Z type of guy. I know this sounds nuts, but bare with me the thing was just chilling, and this must have been like 1000 feet in the air with a blue mist around it.

It was in place for maybe half a second and shot up into the sky, maybe up to space. I don't know because it looked so crazy. It's kind of left the streak that a shooting star leaves, and whatever that was blasted like it was on fire. I swear one day they will come out with something that look into your memory recollection. I'd prove it, but till then there ya go. See ya.

    - Posted by Anonymous 2147

Largest spaceship ever built takes off to mine dwarf planets.
The Naruemonia, the largest spaceship ever constructed left the Earth's Moon's orbit today where it ...
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Martian fire kills at least 500
A fire in the small Martian crater city of Koszeg killed most of its inhabitants today. The exact de...
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