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Object UFO Sighting from Pleasanton, Texas 2001

I have always believed in UFOs but it wasn't until approximately 2001 I encountered one. I was driving from Illinois to Mcallen TX and in Pleasanton TX. I was driving at night with my mother and young son.
As I was driving I saw a light that was far away coming our way. It seemed far so I thought it was a plane but then little by little it got closer. I let my mom and son know. They were tracking it.
My son said mom go. It's getting closer. I wanted to stop but my son was
    scared so I kept driving. The object caught up with us and hovered over our truck. I saw the bottom of it and all I saw was a window with 4 panes.

All of
a sudden it flew away and we never saw again. Needless to say I had to calm my son down. Has anyone had any similar experiences.

    - Posted by Anonymous 7227


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