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Crash UFO Sighting from Piqua, Ohio 2020

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There was a super bright light that came down from the sky and crashed. It was so bright. It hurt to look at. It's crashed in a corn field across the street from me, but it wasn't loud, nor did it explode when it hit the ground. This was late at night around 12 a.m., and about ten minutes later fifty to sixty unmarked black vehicles that came through our field. They drove right through our land across the street into the field where it crashed.

They had that thing locked
    down tight. No one could go in. My dad tried, and they yelled at him to leave. My dad got on top of our tree house and tried to see, but he only saw the vehicles
and these little stations/ tents. He also saw some dudes walking into the field with full on hazardous suit with gas masks. They were there all day, and when they left, we ran over right away and looked. We couldn't find anything no burn marks no debris no place of impact nothing. We even brought a metal detector but didn't find anything. To this day we still can't believe that. It's crazy.

    - Posted by Mason

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