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Kenner, Louisiana UFO Sightings

Kenner, Louisiana, Disc UFO Sighting - Looking west behind the Hilton where no airlines fly other than yellow copters it was 10:00 am in the morning and on the break of dark clouds. My cust...

Kenner, Louisiana, Dark Object UFO Sighting - I saw what looked like a stealth bomber. No lights no sound the color of the sky yet visible as it blocked out the stars as it glides by. Moving like ...

Kenner, Louisiana, Unspecified UFO Sighting - I see things at all hours of the night in the sky from Kenner LA....

Kenner, Louisiana, Disc UFO Sighting - Disc hovering above Lake Pontchartrain around 2:00 am. The disc had green lights and in less than a second ''took off'' to the west.. Never seen somet...

Kenner, Louisiana, Disc UFO Sighting - Disc in Kenner, LA this morning. I saw it at work along with several of my coworkers. I'm posting this from work. We saw the disc about 15 minutes ago...

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