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Mineola, Texas UFO Sightings

Mineola, Texas, Orb UFO Sighting - Around 5 am I was awakened with the desire to go look out the eastern window. When I do I see a white orb floating in my back yard around the treeline...
10/23-2019 - 1 comment

9 miles away: Quitman, Texas, Triangular Object UFO Sighting - I was outside a few minutes a go calling my cat to come inside. The frogs and other creatures were making noise as usual. I look up at the sky only to...

14 miles away: Yantis, Texas, Lights UFO Sighting - I lived in Yantis, Texas. When I was 23 years old I went outside and looked up in the sky, saw a bright orange light. Looked very close but I know it ...


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