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Corona, California UFO Sightings

Corona, California, Object UFO Sighting - I saw an object in the sky at 645 pm... It just stood there blinking slowly red and then green red and then green... At first I thought it was a drone...

Corona, California, Round Object UFO Sighting - Two orange round objets flying over my car on new years at 12:20 am. It happened in Corona CA. They were flying about 5000ft over my car. Got out and ...
01/11-2020 - 2 comments

Corona, California, Lights UFO Sighting - It was approximately 11:30 at night. I was at skyline sitting in my car casually when all of a sudden I saw 4 bright lights coming towards me. They we...

Corona, California, Disc UFO Sighting - I saw four UFOs shaped like upside down cups flying through the sky last August as I was looking out the window late at night. I couldn't go to sleep ...
03/19-2015 - 1 comment


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