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Redlands, California UFO Sightings

Redlands, California, Lights UFO Sighting - On Sunday the 6th of November 2017. I was driving on the 10 eastbound freeway in Riverside County and the sun was up it was around 1030 am and I was t...

7 miles away: San Bernardino, California, Unspecified UFO Sighting - I went out in my backyard a few nights ago to have a smoke when I saw this thing hovering in the sky. It looked like a lens shaped thing kinda bit rea...

10 miles away: Moreno Valley, California, Aliens UFO Sighting - I am absolutely surprised by the alien in the mirror story. This is not a lie. When we lived in Moreno Valley my 4 year old son claimed to have seen s...
10/05-2013 - 2 comments


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