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Corvallis, Oregon UFO Sightings

Corvallis, Oregon, Lights UFO Sighting - It was last summer, about 10 o'clock at night and I walked into the backyard and decided to lie down on the trampoline and look at the stars. In a few...
05/08-2015 - 1 comment

26 miles away: Salem, Oregon, Round Object UFO Sighting - Looking up from inside garage at all the illegal fire works and I noticed in the north sky there was a big bright yellow round craft in the sky. At fi...

26 miles away: Salem, Oregon, Dark Object UFO Sighting - South Salem School. Right at 3way stop side of the height school. Black craft right over the tree top. You can throw a rock and hit it, that's how clo...
04/15-2015 - 1 comment


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