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Eugene, Oregon UFO Sightings

Eugene, Oregon, Very Large Object UFO Sighting - One evening during the extended daylight months, I was returning to the Eugene area from Junction City on River Road with no traffic in my lane to the...

Eugene, Oregon, Unspecified UFO Sighting - On my birthday, February 17th. , several years ago (2012?) I was chasing after my dog, who had gotten out the front door again, on Welcome Way. I foll...
04/09-2015 - 2 comments

Eugene, Oregon, Lights UFO Sighting - Anybody else see those weird light in the sky last night here in Eugene? Three lights moving together really fast. Looked like airplane lights but way...
02/10-2014 - 2 comments

Eugene, Oregon, Cigar Shaped Object UFO Sighting - Last summer I had an encounter with an alien spaceship just a few miles outside of Eugene, OR. I was driving late at night and I had to pee real bad s...
02/08-2014 - 1 comment


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