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Everett, Washington UFO Sightings

Everett, Washington, Abduction UFO Sighting - I was abducted by aliens two times that I know of in 1987. It may have been more times but I know of two specific occasions in 1987.
I was 30 years...
09/25-2014 - 2 comments

2 miles away: Bothell, Washington, Disc UFO Sighting - I took this picture of a glowing disc from my window last night at 3 am. I couldn't sleep well and noticed a light coming in through the window. I loo...
09/26-2015 - 1 comment

6 miles away: Lynnwood, Washington, Oval Object UFO Sighting - Last night my dog ran out of the house barking and ran down the street. I got my clothes on and ran after him. I got to the end of the street and my d...


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