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Argentina and Uruguay have colonized Pluto
The presidents of Argentina and Uruguay held a joint press conference today where they publically di... read more
Yonsalad makes a run for it
Interplanetarily wanted criminal Yonsalad today sent a message to the press that she is now leaving ... read more
More secret bases found on Pluto and Charon
The unmanned craft orbiting Pluto that found the secret Uruguayan military base on Pluto last week h... read more
Moon Pimp bans Uruguayans in response to Pluto base
Moon Pimp has said he will not wait for the UN sanctions to take effect. Effective immediately Urugu... read more
President of Uruguay speaks out on Pluto military base
The President of Uruguay in a live TV address today explained that he did indeed authorized the secr... read more
Pluto base is Uruguayan, not Argentine
The mysterious military base on Pluto that was identified as Argentine a few days ago is in fact Uru... read more
Governor of Titania found dead
The Governor of Titania was found dead this morning. Police have ruled the death a suicide and have ... read more
More deadly penile explosions on Mars
Since we reported on a new wave of penile explosions on Mars a few days ago there have been several ... read more
Yonsalad announces retirement
Infamous space pirate Yonsalad who was recently made the target of a joint military operation with t... read more
King Bob of Io jails opponents of renaming Io.
King Bob of Io has imprisoned a number of people who have continued to call Io Io instead of its new... read more
Syphilis outbreak on Lapetus
A recent syphilis outbreak on the Saturn moon of Lapetus has been traced back to a prostitute from M... read more
Widow of man killed by Moon Pimp plans to sue
The widow of the man killed by Moon Pimp last week says she is talking to a lawyer about filing a wr... read more
Yonsalad most wanted person in the solar system
Enough is enough say authorities. Yonsalad, infamous space pirate, must be stopped at all cost. She ... read more
Yonsalad strikes again
Yonsalad robbed a mining base on Ceres this morning just after most of the miners had left for work.... read more
Mysterious Pluto base belongs to Argentina
The mysterious Pluto military base found on Pluto a few days ago belongs to Argentina say mission co... read more
Martian penile explosions are back
In 1994 Mars was shocked by a deadly wave of penile explosions. Hundreds of men suffered deadly peni... read more
Martian disco queen to release new album
Sibongile Mugabe who served as dictator president of Mars for many years, or Marsalina Valentina as ... read more
King Bob I of Io renames Io Bob
King Bob I of Io has now officially renamed the Jovian moon Io which he rules after himself. The res... read more
New Zaporozhets this fall on Mars
35 years after the first Zaporozhets rolled off the Martian Zaporozhets factory resulting in the fam... read more
Mercury walker dies
Just a few days after Julio Axolotlos' record breaking Mercury walk his record of 24 kilometers has ... read more
Silver Spring, Maryland, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I was living in Silver Spring, close to the Walter Reed Military base off Lyttonsville Road...and Looked up and saw a series of large Silver balls flo...

Charlotte, NorthCarolina, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I was standing outside just looking at the sky then all of the sudden I saw 4 balls of light in a row it moved quickly across the sky. I'm definitely ...

Winchendon, Massachusetts, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - A few years ago on a cold February night a massive shimmering ball of white light came down out of the northern sky. It changed direction and flatten ...

Eastern, Kentucky, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I was on top of Pine Mountain near Whitesburg in Letcher county in October of 2016 and saw a ball of light. I was sober so don't assume that. I was si...
03/13-2019 - 1 comment

Vero Beach, Florida, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I lived in Indian Rover Apartments for three years in Vero Beach and moved out in may of 2011. I lived in one of those apartments facing 12th Manor. O...

Laurel, Maryland, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - My cousin lives on Carissa lane, and I visit her often. One time last year I came by to drop her some stuff, and she had a friend over. They were in t...

Woodside, NewYork, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I have lived here in Woodside on 61st Street since 2000 and have never witnessed anything like I did in October last year. I was with a brother and ou...

Rialto, California, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - Just saw a UFO half an hour ago, 9:33 pm to be exact. A big bright ball shaped thing flew over my house. I was in my backyard when I saw it. Afterward...
08/05-2015 - 1 comment

Ridgewood, NewYork, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - My cousin lives near Mt. Olivet Cemetery, and I went to visit him last summer. His bedroom window was facing Mt. Olivet Crescent. At night I asked him...

Edison, NewJersey, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - While raking leaves in my backyard last fall I saw a round white ball in the sky. It was in the afternoon, I think it was a Tuesday, not sure. The whi...

Dearborn, Michigan, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I was taking a night stroll with my girlfriend on Riverside Drive. On the other side of the street is a big cemetery. It was around 8:30 at night. As ...
07/21-2015 - 1 comment

Puyallup, Washington, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I was lost once in Puyallup, WA in 2012. My GPS was acting up, and I somehow was on 5th Street SW with a big cemetery on my right. I pulled over to ca...

Berkeley, California, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - My grandfather and I were fishing near Shorebird Park when we noticed a hissing sound coming from the wooded area near us. We thought it was probably ...

Flushing, NewYork, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I was a child of about 7 or 8 and I was hanging out in the playground by myself and all of the sudden a huge ball of pulsating bright light comes acro...
05/16-2015 - 3 comments

Fredericksburg, Virginia, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I was out walking my dog by the baseball field on Washington Avenue very late one summer night three years ago. There wasn't a soul around, but becaus...

Vallejo, California, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - We were taking an evening walk at the River Park one Friday evening in July 2012. We are familiar with the area as we usually take a walk there in the...

Lewiston, Michigan, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - In the Fall of 2009 I believe I saw something we could call an extraterrestrial encounter. I was dropping my friends off at the golf resort on Co. Hwy...
04/01-2015 - 1 comment

Ione, Oregon, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - While on Heppner HWY, my friend and I spotted a ball of bright blue light on top of an old building, not sure if the building was abandoned or not. Th...

Silver Spring, Maryland, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I used to live in a high rise apartment building back in 1999 in Silver Spring. My apartment was on the 9th floor. One night as I was airing the apart...

Casper, Wyoming, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I am not originally from Casper, but my UFO experience came from when I went to visit my aunt and uncle who live on 6 Mile Road in Casper. Their home ...

Florissant, Missouri, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - Thirteen years ago there was a UFO sighting not far from where I live. There were a set of lights in the sky that moved in unison slowly across the sk...

Coventry, RhodeIsland, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - I saw 2 orange balls of fire in the sky on Sunday night. This is November 16th, 2014. Here in Central Coventry. I was out walking my dogs when I saw w...
11/18-2014 - 1 comment

Coventry, RhodeIsland, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - On November 16th at 6:15pm, I was walking my 2 dogs here in Central Coventry. I saw what looked like a plane taking off from Green airport heading in ...

Bonnett Shores, RhodeIsland, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - My 2 sons and I were walking the dog. We saw 3 orange, bright, bright balls in the sky. They moved west and faded. Several more appeared and also move...
07/19-2014 - 1 comment

Littleton, Colorado, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - Last night I awoke out of a deep sleep for some reason. I don't know why I woke up I just know I was suddenly wide awake. Not like when you wake up an...

Long Beach, California, Ball Of Light UFO Sighting - Just right now I saw a flash of light through the window. I looked out and saw a bright ball shaped light in the sky moving eastbound. My first though...

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