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Argentina and Uruguay have colonized Pluto
The presidents of Argentina and Uruguay held a joint press conference today where they publically di... read more
Yonsalad makes a run for it
Interplanetarily wanted criminal Yonsalad today sent a message to the press that she is now leaving ... read more
More secret bases found on Pluto and Charon
The unmanned craft orbiting Pluto that found the secret Uruguayan military base on Pluto last week h... read more
Moon Pimp bans Uruguayans in response to Pluto base
Moon Pimp has said he will not wait for the UN sanctions to take effect. Effective immediately Urugu... read more
President of Uruguay speaks out on Pluto military base
The President of Uruguay in a live TV address today explained that he did indeed authorized the secr... read more
Pluto base is Uruguayan, not Argentine
The mysterious military base on Pluto that was identified as Argentine a few days ago is in fact Uru... read more
Governor of Titania found dead
The Governor of Titania was found dead this morning. Police have ruled the death a suicide and have ... read more
More deadly penile explosions on Mars
Since we reported on a new wave of penile explosions on Mars a few days ago there have been several ... read more
Yonsalad announces retirement
Infamous space pirate Yonsalad who was recently made the target of a joint military operation with t... read more
King Bob of Io jails opponents of renaming Io.
King Bob of Io has imprisoned a number of people who have continued to call Io Io instead of its new... read more
Syphilis outbreak on Lapetus
A recent syphilis outbreak on the Saturn moon of Lapetus has been traced back to a prostitute from M... read more
Widow of man killed by Moon Pimp plans to sue
The widow of the man killed by Moon Pimp last week says she is talking to a lawyer about filing a wr... read more
Yonsalad most wanted person in the solar system
Enough is enough say authorities. Yonsalad, infamous space pirate, must be stopped at all cost. She ... read more
Yonsalad strikes again
Yonsalad robbed a mining base on Ceres this morning just after most of the miners had left for work.... read more
Mysterious Pluto base belongs to Argentina
The mysterious Pluto military base found on Pluto a few days ago belongs to Argentina say mission co... read more
Martian penile explosions are back
In 1994 Mars was shocked by a deadly wave of penile explosions. Hundreds of men suffered deadly peni... read more
Martian disco queen to release new album
Sibongile Mugabe who served as dictator president of Mars for many years, or Marsalina Valentina as ... read more
King Bob I of Io renames Io Bob
King Bob I of Io has now officially renamed the Jovian moon Io which he rules after himself. The res... read more
New Zaporozhets this fall on Mars
35 years after the first Zaporozhets rolled off the Martian Zaporozhets factory resulting in the fam... read more
Mercury walker dies
Just a few days after Julio Axolotlos' record breaking Mercury walk his record of 24 kilometers has ... read more
Chadwick, Illinois, Round Object UFO Sighting - It was approximately 7:00 pm and was dark out. I was walking near my high school going to see a basketball game. I looked to the east across the field...
10/31-2021 - 1 comment

New Lenox, Illinois, Round Object UFO Sighting - Yesterday at 7:00 there was a circle shape UFO it was right next to the tree. It was in the sky. I was about to show it my mother, but it disappeared....
08/15-2020 - 1 comment

Little Elm, Texas, Round Object UFO Sighting - Looked like a giant star in broad daylight. Large silver ball that disappeared then came back twice....

Palmyra, Indiana, Round Object UFO Sighting - New cut road and hwy 150.. An object directly above my car.. Circular with light panels on bottom.. Was not moving and no sound.. Other cars pulled ov...

Riverside, California, Round Object UFO Sighting - I saw the same UFO as the round object - ''Corona California'' from my front yard in riverside in the western sky at around 8:00 pm. It started and st...

Corona, California, Round Object UFO Sighting - Two orange round objets flying over my car on new years at 12:20 am. It happened in Corona CA. They were flying about 5000ft over my car. Got out and ...
01/11-2020 - 2 comments

Brawley, California, Round Object UFO Sighting - Around midnight me and my boyfriend walked outside his house here in Brawley we heard a ringing noise.. Where you had to really pay attention to what ...

Mount Sterling, Kentucky, Round Object UFO Sighting - I was leaving steak house to get my phone out of my car. I looked up and a bright circular sunny ball was streaking across the sky and disappeared int...

Los Angeles, California, Round Object UFO Sighting - My friend and coming home from club at about 1:00 pm we saw a bright orange round ball which was glowing and moving very slow. We stop and watched for...

Porterville, California, Round Object UFO Sighting - On the 4th of July evening my adult grandson and I were sitting outside enjoying the fireworks in the Porterville sky. Suddenly he and I noticed a lar...

Switzerland, Round Object UFO Sighting - In 1996/7 I saw an round object in the sky. It was not moving and it had a aura around its shape. It was in Switzerland in the afternoon around 3 pm m...

Amboy, California, Round Object UFO Sighting - We were driving from 29 Palms through Amboy heading to the Colorado River at approximately 2 p.m. It was bright daylight while approaching Amboy from ...

Menominee, Michigan, Round Object UFO Sighting - This happened many years ago now, but I am wondering if anyone else remembers seeing anything around that time period. It would have been 1974 or 1975...

Parsons, Kansas, Round Object UFO Sighting - I saw a red ball like object moving from left to right in the sky not far from my apartment. The time was 4:20 am on a Saturday early morning....

Yauco, PuertoRico, Round Object UFO Sighting - On June 3rd, 2018 in Puerto Rico it was about 5 pm when my family and I were heading from Guanica to Villarva on the expressway. We had just passed th...

Kopperl, Texas, Round Object UFO Sighting - 2001. Masa Grande. I was outside asleep. A bright light was shining on me that woke me up. Then 2 rotating circles appeared, then 4, then 8, then fill...

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Round Object UFO Sighting - My friends and I were playing outside in Robertson Place I-52 on the monkey bars. There was a big and round object with lots of lights. Called 911; th...

Bellwood, Illinois, Round Object UFO Sighting - It was day time. I was in my back yard with some family and friends on that day. I looked up and saw what looked like a ball or sphere shaped object i...

Lexington, Nebraska, Round Object UFO Sighting - In 1984 I was working in Lexington on a short project and one night during work we were taking a break with my work buddies having a smoke when sudden...

Salem, Oregon, Round Object UFO Sighting - Looking up from inside garage at all the illegal fire works and I noticed in the north sky there was a big bright yellow round craft in the sky. At fi...

Windham, Maine, Round Object UFO Sighting - It was right before sunset and I was out in the yard doing some yard work when I saw a ball of light fly across the sky. It flew as fast as a plane an...

Thomasville, NorthCarolina, Round Object UFO Sighting - Traveling right to left (NE) on a crystal clear blue sky evening at 8pm, a circular light the size of a house jitterbugging across in front of my car ...

Juneau, Alaska, Round Object UFO Sighting - In 2011 a round object was hovering over our home. I saw it as I was coming home from work. It was suspended in the air about 100 feet above the house...

Brunswick, Maine, Round Object UFO Sighting - I saw a UFO when I was young. The year was 1983 and I had just moved to Brunswick to start a new job there. I was out in my backyard one evening smoki...
05/21-2016 - 1 comment

Colchester, Vermont, Round Object UFO Sighting - When I was out with the dog last night I saw a bright light in the sky. I looked at it thinking maybe it was a plane. The light kept getting bigger an...

Finland, Round Object UFO Sighting - My wife took this video when I was driving the car today. You can see a round UFO clearly. The battery was very low so the phone shut off after just a...
04/21-2016 - 1 comment

Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Round Object UFO Sighting - I was driving down the road last night when I saw a bright round light moving around in the sky. The movements seemed erratic and random. It looked li...
04/21-2016 - 1 comment

Bangor, Maine, Round Object UFO Sighting - I was driving out of Bangor in May of 2010 when suddenly a bright round object flew past the front of the car. It was as big as a car and completely r...

Beloit, Wisconsin, Round Object UFO Sighting - This happened in October 2013 on a small road by Eastlawn Cemetery in Beloit. I was walking my dog as I usually do at 7:30 pm. When we came to the fro...

Mountain View, California, Round Object UFO Sighting - This is a round object that was flying slowly across the skies over Mountain View yesterday. I apoligize for the poor quality of my picture but it'll ...
02/06-2016 - 2 comments

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