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Uninhabited dwarf planets to be surveyed for secret colonies
The Uruguay-Argentina Pluto crisis has prompted the Interplanetary council to launch immediate probe... read more
Argentina and Uruguay have colonized Pluto
The presidents of Argentina and Uruguay held a joint press conference today where they publically di... read more
Yonsalad makes a run for it
Interplanetarily wanted criminal Yonsalad today sent a message to the press that she is now leaving ... read more
More secret bases found on Pluto and Charon
The unmanned craft orbiting Pluto that found the secret Uruguayan military base on Pluto last week h... read more
Moon Pimp bans Uruguayans in response to Pluto base
Moon Pimp has said he will not wait for the UN sanctions to take effect. Effective immediately Urugu... read more
President of Uruguay speaks out on Pluto military base
The President of Uruguay in a live TV address today explained that he did indeed authorized the secr... read more
Pluto base is Uruguayan, not Argentine
The mysterious military base on Pluto that was identified as Argentine a few days ago is in fact Uru... read more
Governor of Titania found dead
The Governor of Titania was found dead this morning. Police have ruled the death a suicide and have ... read more
More deadly penile explosions on Mars
Since we reported on a new wave of penile explosions on Mars a few days ago there have been several ... read more
Yonsalad announces retirement
Infamous space pirate Yonsalad who was recently made the target of a joint military operation with t... read more
King Bob of Io jails opponents of renaming Io.
King Bob of Io has imprisoned a number of people who have continued to call Io Io instead of its new... read more
Syphilis outbreak on Lapetus
A recent syphilis outbreak on the Saturn moon of Lapetus has been traced back to a prostitute from M... read more
Widow of man killed by Moon Pimp plans to sue
The widow of the man killed by Moon Pimp last week says she is talking to a lawyer about filing a wr... read more
Yonsalad most wanted person in the solar system
Enough is enough say authorities. Yonsalad, infamous space pirate, must be stopped at all cost. She ... read more
Yonsalad strikes again
Yonsalad robbed a mining base on Ceres this morning just after most of the miners had left for work.... read more
Mysterious Pluto base belongs to Argentina
The mysterious Pluto military base found on Pluto a few days ago belongs to Argentina say mission co... read more
Martian penile explosions are back
In 1994 Mars was shocked by a deadly wave of penile explosions. Hundreds of men suffered deadly peni... read more
Martian disco queen to release new album
Sibongile Mugabe who served as dictator president of Mars for many years, or Marsalina Valentina as ... read more
King Bob I of Io renames Io Bob
King Bob I of Io has now officially renamed the Jovian moon Io which he rules after himself. The res... read more

Mountain Home A F B, Idaho, Craft UFO Sighting - It is a long story, but the important part is that I and at least four to five friends were at a reservoir close to Anderson Dam close to Mtn Home, ID...

Downey, Idaho, Lights UFO Sighting - On Thursday, February 11, 2021 at approximately 7:15 a.m. I was on the phone with my wife as I was driving southbound I-15. I was on the straight away...

Fernwood, Idaho, Lights UFO Sighting - About 8:00 last night night I saw a bright white light and a orange glowing light both looked to be a good 30ft across the white light hovered over th...

Hayden, Idaho, Arrowhead Shape UFO Sighting - Absolutely silent arrowhead shaped black craft heading from N to S white lights on perimeter edges no exhaust no noise no colors just white equidistan...

Kuna, Idaho, Orb UFO Sighting - Was out at night it was 3 am watching the stars it was cloudy due to all the smoke from forest fires I see 3 glowing orbs that were reddish orange in ...

Homedale, Idaho, Clam Shaped Object UFO Sighting - Well it was about 1030-11 ish and I was having a smoke so I get to looking at the sky then this clam shaped craft it was moving in a weird pattern til...

Eagle, Idaho, Triangular Object UFO Sighting - This is not something just I saw, this is something many people saw in Eagle in 1994 or 95. There was a large triangular object with lights on the edg...

Moscow, Idaho, Disc UFO Sighting - I was visiting a friend in Moscow, ID a few weeks ago and when I went out in the back at night to have a smoke I saw a UFO in the sky. It was a glowin...

Rexburg, Idaho, Lights UFO Sighting - Could hardly believe my eyes last night when I saw some very strange lights in the sky moving around in a weird coordinated way. There was an obvious ...

Twin Falls, Idaho, Lights UFO Sighting - I saw some very strange lights in the sky a couple of years ago. It was a cluster of lights that came in kind of like planes, but then they all stoppe...
04/20-2016 - 3 comments

Caldwell, Idaho, Landing UFO Sighting - There was a landing by a UFO on a farm outside Caldwell in 1978. The family on the farm refused to comment on the incident for years and years after i...

Coeur D Alene, Idaho, Disc UFO Sighting - If you are a UFO enthusiast and you were in Coeur D Alene last night you were a very happy camper. As you all know by now there was a disc UFO sightin...

Meridian, Idaho, Disc UFO Sighting - I was driving through Idaho in 2010 and outside Meridian in the middle of the night a glowing disc flew right across the road barely clearing the tree...

Nampa, Idaho, Disc UFO Sighting - I live south of Nampa, ID. I just saw a disc in the sky. I get up real early for work, don't think anyone else saw it, it was about 4 am. I saw it com...
02/08-2016 - 1 comment

Pocatello, Idaho, Disc UFO Sighting - I just saw one of those UFO discs right here in Pocatello. It's a bit past midnight as I'm writing this and I just saw it like 5 minutes ago heading w...
02/08-2016 - 2 comments

Idaho Falls, Idaho, Abduction UFO Sighting - I grew up on a farm northwest of Idaho Falls. In 1973 I had an incredibly scary experience. I was abducted by aliens. I don't actually remember anythi...
11/07-2015 - 2 comments

St. Anthony, Idaho, Missing Time Event UFO Sighting - We've lived in St. Anthony since the 1980s. This strange experience did not occur to us directly but to a family friend who was coming to visit us in ...

Boise, Idaho, Disc UFO Sighting - January 8 11pm UFO sighting over Boise. I saw a disc shaped object fly across the sky at high speed. Definitely not any type of toy drone or anything ...
01/09-2014 - 1 comment

Boise, Idaho, Landing UFO Sighting - I never believed in UFOs before but I recently saw something that made me change my mind. I was driving on Pleasant Valley Road pretty late at night. ...

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